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Your Photography Questions Answered
by Mike Selvon

The art of photography is a wonderful creative outlet for all types of individuals. This art form has been around for decades, and companies have thrived on the production of equipment that is needed to ensure are great picture is taken.

Different types of photography are so varied, that a person can just be a novice to the art or they can become a professional that is driven by their passion. Photography is something that captures the moment for generations to come.

Which is better digital or basic film?

This is a question that only the person taking the pictures can answer. Digital is a relatively new concept that with the right equipment can allow for easy photo sharing via the internet.

A person can also send their digital pictures to a photo lab via the internet also. This allows for a family member several states away to pick up pictures quicker than having to wait for them to come through the mail.

But, if a person thinks that digital photography is too difficult to understand, they may opt to stick with the basic film camera. Again, depending on what a person wants to invest in, the choice is strictly theirs.

How can I become a professional photographer?

So many answers are available for this question. Photography school are everywhere, but if a person cannot attend photography classes on campus, becoming a professional photographer can be difficult.

However, the New York Institute of Photography allows for anyone in the world to become a professional photographer via correspondence. But, by doing a little research at the library, on the internet, and possibly interviewing local photographers to find out how they got into the business, a person can easily become a professional photographer.

How difficult is it to become a wedding photographer?

Wedding photography is one of the hottest types of photographers in demand today. Weddings are becoming larger and larger and the need to capture these special moments are in great need.

Anyone can take wedding pictures, but knowing how to accent with backgrounds, lights,and the right poses can make all the difference. Books and websites are a great place to start learning how to become an experience wedding photographer.

The most important thing when photographing a wedding is to remember to bring enough film and to plan in advance with the bride and groom which particular shots they want to include in their photo album. This planning can make all the difference and also can mean referrals which in turn means more money in the bank.

Which is better, the photography studio or location photography?

This depends on what is types of pictures are desired. A studio may have more equipment such as lights that can enhance the pictures better.

The location will more than likely not be able to accommodate all the equipment a photographer wants, but the area may be all that is needed for the perfect picture. The client and the photographer will have to make that choice together.

How hard is it to print my own pictures?

If a person has a camera with a compatible printer, all that is needed is a USB cable to hook the camera up to the computer. All major retail stores offer photo paper in various sizes to print the pictures on.

And, the pictures will be printed quickly and will look very professional at a fraction of the cost of a photo lab. To ensure quality printing, make sure your ink cartridges are fresh. Old ink cartridges can distort the natural colors of the photograph.

About the Author

The art of digital photography brings great memories to anyone. Browse to Mike Selvon portal to find out more about the art of photography. We greatly appreciate your feedback at our photography blog.

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