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Five Pieces Of Basic Photography Equipment You Must Have! by Albertus Adi Sulistiono

If you're considering taking your hobby of photography from leisurely pursuit to actual business, you may be wondering if you have the right photography equipment to really be a professional photographer, and of course don't want to spend too much on equipment you don't need and won't really use. Before you run to the store or start putting in bids on eBay, consider the following information we've put together for you.

Photography Equipment Starts With a Camera!

Saying that you need a good camera is a given. Using your old Polaroid or 35mm with film probably isn't going to produce the pictures you want, given the new models that are out there. When shopping for cameras in your photography equipment store, you'll notice how everything is advertised according to megapixels. A pixel is a tiny dot of color, and megapixel refers to a thousand of those dots. The number of megapixels will tell you how many tiny dots there are across and down; 6 megapixels means six thousand dots, 7 megapixels means seven thousand, and so on. While most professional photographers will use a camera at around 6 or 7 megapixels, remember that the eye can only discern so many colors. Thinking that you should purchase the camera with the most megapixels that's available may be a waste of money; save some of that budget for the other photography equipment you're going to need!


Even with the best camera available, your photography equipment should include some good umbrella lights or tri-lights. Your subjects are going to need to be lighted appropriately in any studio. Usually just two or three of these is appropriate, and you can usually purchase them used to save yourself some money. Check out eBay and discount photography equipment supply stores so that you don't need to pay too much for these.


A reflector is just a big sheet of what looks like thin tin foil and comes in several different colors. It is probably going to be a necessary piece of photography equipment if you're going to be working in a studio. A reflector can aim your light more accurately, and if you use them in different colors you'll notice different tones or shades in your photos.

Some who don't want to invest in expensive reflectors have found that large pieces of white posterboard paper sometimes work well, but if you're serious about doing portrait or studio photography, consider this as a necessary investment in photography equipment.


Even the most advanced camera that focuses for you will not be able to focus properly, especially if you're considering some artistic shots. You may want to blur your background or focus on a particular element. Without the right lenses, you won't be able to do that. So regardless of what camera you choose, make sure you can purchase lenses as part of your photography equipment and know how to use them.

Computer Programs as Photography Equipment

You may not think of computer programs as being part of your photography equipment, but the best photographers will invest in a good program and learn how to use it. This will enable you to correct flaws or defects in the pictures, to tone down blemishes of your subject, blur the background, and do so much more with your photographs.

If you're very serious about turning pro with your pictures, remember that customers will return for additional services to the photographer that creates the best pictures. This means being able to touch up the photos after they've been taken, and being artistic and creative with them. People today have very high demands and expectations for photos, as they know that others who have good computer programs as their photography equipment will be able to come up with those inventive and creative pictures.

Of course, you may need some different photography equipment depending on your particular field, but these are the most basic pieces that any professional photographer will have.

About the Author

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