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The Simplest Way to Backup Documents in Windows 7 By Trif Bogdan

Windows 7 begin to win acceptance by the old Windows XP users. The feeling, the simplicity, the robustness makes from Windows 7 a great candidate to the status world wide used. besides, the graphical engine, the automatically recognition and installation of the drivers and even the update of drivers directly from the internet makes from Windows 7 a real champion in the Operating Systems battle.

Even if Windows XP was a great operating system it was not very efficient in recovery and backup tools. That is because in Windows XP when you did a complete re-installation of the operating system you have been forced first to save all your private documents if they were saved in "My Documents" folder on the C: partition. And in Windows XP if you lost the operating system meant to loose important files or documents. So, from this point of view we see a great evolution from Windows XP to Windows 7.

But let's get further and see why Windows 7 is superior. If you open the Control Panel you find the "Backup and Recovery Center". Open it up and you'll have a few options there. What is interesting us, if we want just to secure our documents with a backup is the "Turn on schedule" option and "Change Settings".

First we will select "Change Settings" and a new screen appears and demands us to specify the place where the backup it will be saved. Select a different partition where you know you have space and click "Next". The next screen you will have two options but we are interested only in "Let me choose". After selecting this option the next screen shows you the partition C: and you can browse it by your choice and select what you need to back-up. It's important to select your private libraries and be careful to unselect the option found just below the browsing screen: "Include a system image of drives C:". So unselect it. Otherwise you will have the entire partition backed up.

Ok. Now can choose "Back up now" option from the main window and your documents and libraries are backed up. But the real option is "Turn on schedule" which lets you to do regular backups at the time and the day you want.

This way you can have all your documents saved at day, and you can recover them all in case of a Windows 7 failure.

Further details on how to restore your documents in Windows 7 and even how to completely recover the Windows 7 in a few minutes.

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