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How to Perform Data Recovery on Floppy Disk By Wes B Wayne

The floppy disk was originally created in 1967 by IBM in the "floppy" part is referenced to the media that is encased within the protective outer plastic wrap. It is magnetic medium and is fairly consistent with the methods for writing hard disk drives. Floppy drives were available in all computers throughout the 80s and 90s and some still use these today. They were, and still can be, susceptible to damage and data loss, which may at times need you to employ some type of recovery. Here are a few tips to follow when trying to perform data recovery on a floppy.

First Try Something Simple/b>
Always look to a simple solution before you start to panic. We've all heard the story about the homeowner who couldn't get the lights on, called an electrician who charged him a $100 to flip a circuit breaker. Always restart your computer and then re-insert the floppy disk confirming it cannot be read. Sometimes you may have a momentary software malfunction. If it still doesn't work, insert it into a different computer. If you can access the data from this computer make sure you copy it to the hard drive. The second computer still cannot read your floppy, it's probably corrupted and you'll need to perform a data recovery task.

Get a Tool
There are plenty of places on the Internet where you can surf to define a data recovery tool that will help you get the information off your floppy disk. Some of these tools are free and some are going to cost you a certain fee. Try the free ones first before you shell out good money for a recovery tool. Always examine the information about the tool making sure that he can recover data from floppy disk. This product description will also tell you exactly what functions can be performed with the free version of the tool so you can make sure that before you get started you can get a complete recovery using this free tool. Once you have selected a recovery tool, downloaded to your computer.

Perform a Recovery Attempt
Place the damaged floppy disk in the drive of your computer where you've installed the recovery tool and run the software application that accompanies it. Save any recovered data that you can onto the computer hard drive and immediately back it up on a new floppy disk or other storage material.

Throw away the damaged disk.

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