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How to Fix "Corrupted Data" Error on a Memory Card? By Shaun Attrik

Photos are the part of our modern life and storing them of digital storage media, such as memory card, is a common practice. The pictures are stored digitally so that you can retrieve them any time for refreshing the memory or possibly from the professional point of view. However, corruption to the stored information or storage media can snatch several memories and opportunities from you. But, you can get these files back through advanced card recovery techniques.

When the storage media gets damaged, entire pictures, songs, and videos that it holds, becomes inaccessible. It can not be acceptable at any cost. The logical corruption and file loss scenarios can be indicated by various error messages that occur while accessing the storage media. One such error message is as give below:

"Corrupted Data"

The above error message may appear on compact flash cards, SD cards, and more.

Grounds of the issue

As stated in the error message, the behavior is caused due to corruption to the memory card. The card contains different data structures for managing the data, easy accessing of data, and fast processing. When these data structures gets damaged, stored files can not be located and thus they become inaccessible.

How to fix corrupted memory card?

You can fix the damaged memory card data structures by formatting the media. It cures most of such issues, but the possibilities of data loss can not be prevented through this method. Formatting removes all the files from card and cause complete data loss, which further needs Memory card data recovery.

The card may get corrupted due a number of reasons, which include improper handling of the media, turning the camera off when the writing process is going on, virus infection, ejecting the card without turning the digital camera off and more. To ensure absolute recovery of your valuable pictures, you need to make sure that the Card Recovery Software, you are going to use, works in all such cases of file loss.

The Memory Card Recovery applications are powerful enough to carry out extensive scan of damaged card through advanced scanning techniques and extracting all lost data from it. They have rich graphical user interface to allow easy recovery, without demanding sound technical skills. Such software do not alter original data on the media as they have read-only and non-destructive conduct.

Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery is the most advanced and powerful tool, which ensures absolute recovery in all cases of card corruption and photo loss. The software recovers lost photos, music files, and videos from all types of cards including SD Card, MMC Card, XD Card, and Compact Flash.

Shaun Pattrik has 6 Years of Experience in the Software Technology field doing research in Stellar Info System Ltd which offers Memory card recovery, card recovery, Memory card recovery software and Memory card data recovery software.

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