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A Plus Training - What You Need to Know
By  Rachel Lawrence

If you work in IT and you are looking for a recognised and valuable qualification, the CompTIA A+ certification is something you will definitely have heard of. It is the Industry standard qualification for computer technicians and some companies and organisation even have it as a prerequisite for working for them. Needless to say, CompTIA A+ training and certification can help you greatly, but what is really involved.

The most recent edition of the A+ examination, 2009, is made up of two separate multiple choice exams. Both are computer based, ninety minutes long and consist of one hundred questions. In order to cover everything on the exam training for the A+ certification should cover a broad spectrum of topics. If you want to be sure your training is on target, here is a rundown of what the 2009 examinations cover:

The first exam is the Essentials, which covers six major domains of knowledge:
Hardware - including installing, configuring and optimising everything from motherboards to Bluetooth.
Troubleshooting, Repair and Maintenance - in which you should show understanding of the major problems and symptoms of OS problems and laptop maintenance, among other things, in various scenarios.
Operating Systems and Software - covering knowledge of the differences between various operating systems, right up to Windows Vista, and different user interfaces. Also the installation of different types of OS.
Networking - working up from the basics of network connections such as cables and different types of network, from dial-up to Bluetooth.
Security - This covers the basics of computer security as well as understanding how to protect against different types of malware and different encryptions.
Operational procedure - The A+ training is not only about the technology but also about the wider picture. This domain covers topics from environmental and safety issues to communication and professionalism.

The second examination is the Practical Application exam, which demonstrates that you are able to apply your knowledge correctly. This exam only covers four of the topics above: Hardware, Operating Systems, Networking and Security, with Hardware receiving the greatest weight in the exam. The questions for this section of the qualification are scenario based and require you to show that you can use what your training has taught you to troubleshoot, install, maintain or repair different pieces of hardware or software.

As you can see, the A+ certification covers a huge range of information and that is why it is so highly thought of and why taking an A+ training course can help you. This is not the only benefit, however, it also covers not only Microsoft operating systems, but also Apple, Novell and even Linux, meaning that you are trained to handle as broad a range of problems and issues as possible.

If you are interested in a plus training, or you would like to look into training courses for other IT certifications, such as the CISSP or MCITP, then have a look at, which has a huge range of computer based training options available for a wide variety of different qualifications.

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