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What Types of Technology Degrees Are Available? By  Bennett Olberg

For someone like me, who has worked their entire career in real estate development, there has been no better time to go back to schools. I was laid off just over a year ago, and although I have found a new job outside of real estate, I have heard numerous times that the fastest growing career choices will be in health care and technology. For someone who has always been interested in technology, I've decided to go back to school for an online degree in software development.

I don't know which school to choose from, since there are so many, but I do know what I want to study. However, what type of degree will be best? Should I get my degree in software development or is this too narrow of a focus? What about a wider degree in either computer science, information systems or information security? For those in the software development industry, what did it take to find employment. Is there a lot of software development instruction in a computer science degree? I found a lot of information on various sites, but I could use some help from people with real industry experience.

I will look at schools soon. For now, I need to know what my career options are. Do I want to work for a big or small company, in an office, from home? Do I possibly want to work in real estate again, and if so, can a degree in software development help me? Will this be beneficial? These are questions I'd like to answer before I begin looking at different programs and schools.

I will look into careers further, as well as schools, and post what I learn. For those of you interested, stay tuned. For those who have any information to help, please comment, they would be much appreciated.

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