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Earn Networking Credential by Taking Up Cisco CCNA Certification and Training Course
By   R Govindan

CCNA Training is considered to be one of the most important aspects of networking. This credential is highly respected in the IT and business communities.

It validates your skills specifically in installing, implementing, configuring, maintaining, troubleshooting routed and switched mid-size networks.

It also certifies you for implementing remote connections in a wide area network.

How does it help in career growth?

If you want to earn this networking credential at an associate level, you will need to go through CCNA Certification Training program. In these training programs you get to learn a lot of other important network protocols. These certifications help you to get recognized in the networking market.

Your networking abilities are very well polished through these certification courses. Not only potential employers look forward to such a credential but also your clients are willing to work with you. It takes you a step higher in your career and helps to create a better future.

Cisco CCNA Certification is held in two parts commonly known as Part 1 and Part 2. You will need to pass both this parts in order to get the final certification which adds value to your curriculum vitae.

Where can I get the training?

There are number of IT training companies that offer education to all those individual seeking knowledge about networking. These companies have special packages and training formats to help an individual attain complete knowledge required for networking.

CCNA training modules contain online videos, distance learning classes, onsite training, boot camps and many more methods to educate the students.

There are companies which offer Online or CD-ROM self study course to their students. There are live online classes which can be more interactive for students. Boot camps are usually of seven or ten days. Most of the companies provide real world experience in their trainings.

Most of the companies offering Cisco CCNA course provide online tutorials, online lab and practice questions. Usually companies offer six months program and after the training you can appear for the certification exams.

If you are looking for job opportunities after the certification, you will need to understand what exactly the industry expectations are from you. It is good to have commercial experience if you are looking for a job in networking. It is advisable to seek guidance from the industry experts and choose the correct path after all these certifications.

Consulting industry experts may cost you some money but it will ultimately take you up high in your career and will prove beneficial for you. It is important to understand that theoretical knowledge is not sufficient and one should go for programs that are more interactive with on-screen demonstrations.

There are many corporate companies that organize training programs for these courses. They incorporate exam fees into the cost of course. You may check all the details before going for such certifications which have a great meaning in your career and life.

Cisco CCNA Course mainly include introduction to wireless networking concepts and terminology, mitigation of security threats and performance based skills. CCNA is at an associate level and there are higher certification programs as well.

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