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Six Tips To Deal With Your Anger
by Jim Somchai

If you think that you never have a hot temper, you may want to read this. Every person has hot temper. Only most of us have it hidden in our subconscious mind. It is like a sleeping volcano waiting to explode. Once it comes, it acts so fast that you can hardly control it. Anger is one of the biggest causes of fighting or assaults nowadays and has been for a long time. This article shows how to effectively deal with anger. It can be useful for not only those who are prone to be angry all the time, but also some who are not angry so often.

Let me share with you one of my stories. The other day I parked my car in a parking lot. I was preparing my briefcase to go out for a meeting in the car. There was a guy who came to his car. He did not noticed me and open his car door so harsh that his door scratched my car. I went out and we had big argument. Although, I am a nice person and never have any quarrel with anybody. That day I almost went to a fight and kill the guy. This may be exaggerated but who knows. Luckily, my mobile rang and the person I want to meet called me. That was the only thing that drives me away from the potential fighting scene.

This is the example that the situation can happen without prior notice. It can come up and get out of control even with a person who is considered cool-minded. Once you realize, disaster might have happened. After that day, I learned how to control my emotion and practiced to avoid all other bad emotions. The following tips can be useful for you if you want to also control your hot temper.

1. Take a deep breath.
Get more oxygen into your brain when things are out of control. Oxygen supply will make your brain works better and so your consciousness. This is to prevent you from express your anger unconsciously.

2. Walk away from the scene.
Do not be afraid of being accused of being coward. Walking away give your consciousness back. No matter who is the other side in the argument, leave the scene. This can save you from trouble and save you a lot of time.

3. Be brave to accept that you may be wrong or used to be wrong.
When others do bad thing to us, we feel that they are unforgivable. But when we reckon back, we found that we somehow used to do similar mistake. We did not really give ourselves much harsh feeling. Accept that mistakes can be common in life.

4. Forgive the other side no matter if he is right or wrong
Don't let the matter to be too personal. Let it go. If the damage is not substantial, do not waste your time and emotion there. I know this is hard. You need to be very conscious to forgive people. It needs a lot of practice. But believe me. It will give you an extraordinary quality in life.

5. Wish yourself well as well as others everyday
One of the tips is to give mercy to yourself and others in every morning. After you get up from your bed, you may spend some time to write your goals. Look at your goals. Look at your action plan list. Then you can pray if you are religious. Feel gratitude for what you already have. Then you visualize which will be our next tip. The last thing you need to do is to forgive yourself and others and wish all well with peaceful mind. It will release you from the upset mind and give you strength when you face uncontrollable situation.

6. Make visualization daily
You may think how visualization can work to improve your anger situation. We normally visualize the desirable situation. It is more on situation that is related to our goal achievement. You visualize yourself as you already achieve the goal everyday. Your visualization will attract the situation and attributes favorable to achieving the goal into your life. It can also drive unfavorable situation away. This is according to the universal law called "Law of Attraction". I believe that my daily visualization prevent me from going into a fight which is absolutely not relevant to my goal. You can add background audio into your visualization. It will enhance the power of your attraction. There are many in the market. Attraction Accelerator can be one of your choices.

Bad temper may or may not be your weak point. There may be some day that we are in the situation that bad temper can lead to disaster. This article shows you how to deal with such hot temper.

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