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Covert Hypnosis Controversy - Is it Real or Just a Hoax?

The subject of covert hypnosis is one of great controversy and disagreement. Many would argue that one cannot be hypnotized without knowledge or consent. In fact, most types of hypnosis do require the agreement of the person being hypnotized. The idea of a hypnotherapy session conducted covertly is absurd. But, with the proper knowledge and a little practice, you can wield a powerful influence over others using the principles of covert hypnosis.

Hypnosis is nothing more than a state of awareness where your conscious mind is not filtering the ideas that enter your subconscious mind. Typically, you can get to this state of awareness through deep relaxation and guided visualization techniques. These methods, of course, require your awareness and participation.

Covert hypnosis works differently. By using certain language patterns and behaviors a skilled covert hypnotist is able to plant suggestions in the subconscious mind of his target without detection. Keep in mind; this process is very different than traditional hypnosis.

The target is typically completely unaware of the covert hypnosis techniques being used on them. In fact, when done expertly, the target will believe that the implanted thought was their idea all along.

Obviously, such a powerful method of influence and manipulation can be misused. It is unethical to cause harm or loss by use of covert hypnosis but there are still those who will attempt it. The only way to protect yourself is to understand covert hypnosis so you can detect when it is being used against you.

There are a series of very specific language patterns that have been proven to have a covert hypnotic effect. Once you learn these language patterns and phrases you'll know what to look out for the next time you find yourself in a conversation with a salesperson who seems a little too persuasive.

Even more interesting is the effect of covert hypnosis in speeches or in writing. Each method of communication offers a different, but uniquely, powerful avenue for delivering a covertly hypnotic message.

A charismatic speaker can have a mesmerizing effect on a crowd, especially one that is predisposed to believe the topic of the speech. A talented speaker can use tone and vocal fluctuations to create a mass hypnotic effect on the crowd. Once the mass is entranced it becomes very easy to subtly insert post-hypnotic suggestions into their minds.

Only one who is familiar with these techniques and language patterns can easily dismiss these suggestions without experiencing any undue influence. Pay close attention to politicians and how they use language when giving a speech. Most successful politicians use the techniques of covert hypnosis very skillfully.

Writing is the other avenue for mass influence available to the covert hypnotist. Writing does not have the ability to use tone or personal magnetism to induce the hypnotic effect so it must rely on an entirely different strategy. Covert hypnosis in writing requires the active participation of the reader to have any effect. The reader must become caught up in the narrative. They must see the story. Picture themselves as a part of it. This act of visualization on the readers part is the key to covert hypnosis in writing.

Once the reader has begun to see the story you are telling in their own mind they are open to suggestion. Their subconscious is open to, and unprotected from, messages that are delivered through the medium of the story you are telling and they are visualizing.

Visualization is nothing more than a daydream or a fantasy. Everyone does it. So it is easy to induce with vivid and descriptive writing if you know how. Once your reader has entered this realm of fantasy their subconscious is wide open to your message provided you deliver it subtly and within the context of the fantasy you are spinning.

Many deny the existence and power of covert hypnosis, but make no mistake, a skilled and practiced covert hypnotist can insert suggestions into your subconscious mind without you even knowing. And they can do it through a speech you watch on TV or through a letter you get in the mail.

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