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How To Secretly Hypnotize People

Have you ever wanted to be able to put people in a trance-like state and simply give them instructions they then follow without question?

So has everybody else. In this article I'll show you a simple yet powerful way to accomplish just that. You'll learn a simple phrase that puts a person's critical mind to rest and allows you to gently guide their imagination towards the result you want from them.

Guiding person's imagination is very powerful because people never do anything before they have already seen that activity in their mind's eye and felt good about it. Here's where the power of conversational hypnosis comes into play.

In order to successfully hypnotize a person, you have to accomplish two things: you have to 1.) bypass their critical factor and 2.) establish acceptable selective thinking.

What does that mean?

Critical factor is a part of the conscious mind that critically evaluates incoming information. It's the part of the mind that guards the subconscious from accepting improper suggestions -- that is, suggestions that violate the person's belief system.

Establishment of acceptable selective thinking is simply suggesting a certain train of thought that brings the person to some action, without dealing with the consequences and deciding between more than only this single possibility. "Acceptable" stands there because it has to be accepted by the person. If it violates core values, the person will snap out of the state.

Now for a real example of how this is done...

First, if you want this to work well, you have to establish rapport with the person you wish to persuade. Rapport is simply the feeling of trust and connection you have with another person.

It can be established very quickly and you're already in rapport with your friends. With new people you can establish it simply by being polite, showing interest in that person and maybe complimenting on something they wear or do. The important part is to be honest with what you say.

Once you've established rapport, using a clever phrase like "What's it like when..." will put their critical factor at rest because in order to understand what you're talking about, the person has to experience what you're describing. Furthermore, when you say "what's it like when", you don't imply forcing any suggestions and the critical factor, being inherently "lazy", will reduce it's activity.

This way you opened their mind for your subsequent suggestions that will come in a form of describing the desired action with addition of describing pleasant emotions that should accompany this action.

By being careful not to exaggerate, you'll get them to think (imagine!) about the desired action in a way that brings good feelings in them, without considering other possibilities, and thus bringing them to be much more inclined to go for it. This is the establishment of acceptable selective thinking.

So... here you learned a simple yet effective way to instantly bring a person in a mild hypnotic trance-like state and slide some suggestions in their subconscious mind. It takes some practise and preparation, but once you start experimenting with this and practising, you'll find it to be a simple and powerful tool for you to use in everyday communication as well as in the business arena.

Covert hypnosis, as we like to call it, uses countless similar and also completely unique and different tools to create compliance in people and get them to do what is instructed to them. It's a fascinating and rapidly growing field of communication that will bring you more power over yourself and others.

Hope you enjoyed this article and you can now see the possibilities and power that lies with people that learn and practise covert hypnosis.

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