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Why Am I Not Rich And Wealthy?
by Chris Chew

Is your financial situation in dire straits? You have always wanted to be rich and wealthy but you aren't? Do you want to know what keeps you from attracting money and wealth?

Well, the answer to that last question may surprise you. The obstacle that is blocking you from wealth is most likely you yourself. Before you say, oh no, another one of those mumbo jumbo hocus pocus article, let me explain.

How many times have you said to yourself "I wish I will be rich" or "I hope to be wealthy someday?" You know what? That is wishful thinking. Why? You are just wishing and hoping. If you read between the lines of your thoughts, you are actually sending negative signals to your brain. You are actually telling yourself that you are not rich and to be rich is only a wish or a hope.

So what do you do? Well, since it is only a wish and a hope, you will not be doing anything, isn't it? So if you are not doing anything to be rich, how will you be rich?

Furthermore, many people have negative vibes about wealth. That is why terms are coined to associate with rich people such as "she is filthy rich", "he is rich because he probably would have done something immoral to accumulate his wealth" or "most rich people are jerks anyway."

Let me ask you some hard but honest questions. Why is being rich filthy? Why can't people accumulate wealth with their abilities and skills without doing anything unethical or immoral? Why do people think rich people are jerks when most of them are often very nice people and doing great services to the society at their own expenses?

Now if associate bad thoughts to being wealthy, then subconsciously, you will disassociate yourself with wealth and this will subconsciously sabotage the way you do things to accumulate wealth. In that case, how are you going to be rich?

So what separates the very wealthy and those who can hardly make ends meet is not just intelligence, hard work, education, skills, opportunity or luck. It is all about your belief system and attitude towards money. This is the theme hammered home on many personal development seminars, boot camps and books of world famous wealth creation coaches and gurus such as Anthony Robbins and Robert Kiyosaki.

So what are the belief system and attitudes of rich and wealthy people? The rich and wealthy never doubted that they can be rich. They know that they deserve to be rich. They believe that there is more than enough wealth to go around and so they do not hoard but contribute to the well being of their society at large. They know creating wealth must be fun and not merely hard work.

The rich and wealthy know that no one owes them a living, so they do not rant and grumble but roll up their sleeves to acquire what they want. They know that if they desire wealth, they can achieve and attract it and they are always grateful for what they have and what they will have.

Now can you see the difference in the mindset of the wealthy and the ordinary folks? There is a world of difference because the rich and wealthy do not sabotage themselves from getting rich through negative thoughts. So, if you are not rich and wealthy, then examine your thinking to see whether you have you have any limiting beliefs about money and being rich.

About the Author

Chris Chew is money crazy. More articles at How to attract money and Wealth education
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