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Writing and Selling Your Ebook
by tonnele

Ebooks are simply one of the best online business ideas that exist today. You can create an ebook for next to nothing and sell it for almost 100% profit! Which is much better than the 10% - 25% profit offered by most traditional business and much better than the small percentages that authors are offered by traditional publishing houses? What's more, is that for the first time anyone who is dedicated enough to writing an ebook can get published without all the barriers of the traditional publishing route?

After analyzing the data from the last couple of years regarding eBook sales, you will quickly realize that the growth within the ebook industry is enormous. We're looking at close to a 50% increase in eBook sales this quarter compared with that of the same quarter last year! These figures help prove that the best time to start writing or distributing your ebook is NOW!

Writing your eBook. Writing a book can be easy. While many people are scared by the idea of writing a whole ebook, you can break the process down into step- by -step pieces and make it easier. The three steps here will give you some ideas about how to get your project written, no matter what its length.

Try following this process in order to write your eBook:

Ask questions. Taking a little time to plan makes writing easier. By asking these questions and others, you build the framework of your eBook

Who is your audience? The more you know about them, the easier it will be to write for them. Who are they, what do they know, what do they want or need to know?

What is the one sentence description of your eBook? The one sentence description of your eBook should give step-by-step instructions and all the information the reader needs. Think of this as your book's "mission statement". What questions will your readers want you to answer for them? Write each question down and group the questions in categories. I write each question in a journal, others input them to a computer file, I suggest that you write them somewhere where you have easy access.

What qualifications do your readers look for? Write as many questions as you can think of (you will probably have dozens or even hundreds). Although this process was designed for non-fiction writers, it is easily adapted to writing fiction, too. The questions you ask in this step will just be a little different. You will still ask: Who is your audience? What is the one sentence description of your book?

Also ask questions about your characters. Who are your main characters? What is important to them? What are their goals? How will they change and grow during the story? Use your questions to develop the framework of your story. Where do your characters start? Where do they end up? How do they get from the start to the end, what happens along the way? Fill in the blanks.

Start building the pieces that will become your eBook. This is the nuts-and-bolts writing of your book. Answer the questions you've raised, one at a time. Working this way, you are not overwhelmed with the magnitude of writing a whole book. Instead, your book is written one chapter, one scene, or one page at a time.

When there are questions you can't answer, or blanks in your knowledge, do the necessary research. Put it together. Assemble the pieces. Arrange them in a logical sequence, Edit and Polish. That's it you've written an eBook! And it wasn't hard at all, was it?

About the Author

Omar Johnson is the creator of the homestudy course "How To Make Money On The Internet While You Are Asleep" for more information visit mywebsite

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