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How To Write An Article In 3 Minutes Or Less by Karl Smith

Speed writing, means writing very fast, without stopping often.

Here is the secret to speed writing. Don't think just write. Stretch an idea after you pick one and expand it as much as possible. Keep mentioning details. So if you want to create an article to gardeners pick one topic or idea and talk as much as possible about it.

But speed writing may not be for you if you are looking for that awesome article that when people read they go to your website and buy. However it is awesome way to create a lot of fresh new content for your blog or website, since search engines love your website, your website optimization and rankings improves.

It is also great if you do article marketing, to get one way links to your website or blog. You have plenty of new articles.

So start writing without asking any questions while you are writing, just put everything that comes to your mind down. I usually like to use notepad, because it is faster to type than microsoft word. Notepad does not spell check your words and does not put anything that can confuse you like highlighting sentences that have grammar errors, autosaving and so forth.

When you have created several paragraphs you can start reading and editing what you write, like moving this paragraph from here to there, or edit a sentence, or if you wrote too much save a paragraph to put to a new article.

So you do this editing the last thing, not while you are writing. While you are writing, just write or else ideas will stop coming or most often you forget an idea.

Now here is the best style of articles.

Articles that provide a small list on a topic. These articles have a small introduction about a topic, then list 7 myths about the topic or they can be 7 how to do something, 7 tips, strategies, methods and so forth.

The list is endless, but you get the point. An article does not mean you have to create a story, but simple teach something. These types of articles are what people prefer to read, because they are simple, easy and very specific.

So if you are going to write an article to gardeners, what tips, tricks or how to's can you tell them. Pick 7 of them, and list them one under the other, then write a short summary of what each one means.

Finally create a summary of what you have just said, and you have an article.

If you are submitting articles to get one way links as well, you do not need to be an expert to create an article, far from it. Teach what you already know that others wish to learn. No
diplomas required. You can even research the Internet in forums or even other articles and pick up ideas for your own article. Work smart not hard.

Not copy an article, but pick ideas from the thousands upon thousands of already existing articles on your topic. If you pick one idea, from 7 articles, you have 7 ideas and can create 7 ways to plant trees in your garden, if your topic is gardening. That's just an example.

With some practice, you understand how article writing works, and you soon be on your way to create an article in under 3 minutes.

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