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Entering The Real World With Your Own Creative Writing by nasph22

Being already able to set your brain to maximum reception mode, and follow these 3 steps, you will set yourself apart from your competition. Ideally, give yourself some time to ready your mind for your writing task, for it is going to be a greatly unique experience. Some writers have even reported of finding a great amount of emotional unburdening through these treasured sittings!

Usually, there is a great amount of excitement, as each page you write comes out with a unique range of emotional experience and as promised earlier, a great deal of unearthing of the inner faculties of your wide and unique imprints of the past.

In proprioceptive writing, you write what you hear by imagining your thoughts as you would be hearing them, and writing them just the way you think them - as though your mind is speaking to you directly.

This can pose a bit of a problem initially, as we are normally not used to hearing our own minds, but you will be responsive to this and turn your "vocal thoughts" into words. So, to watch out here, you should be WRITING WHAT YOU HEAR, and already you are being understood by this very different way of psychological writing. So, here you are not going to worry about punctuation, grammar or spelling, but give your words shape and meaning.

Treat confusion as a way of recurring thought, and put down the phrases that come to your mind first. For example, emotions are like a flurry of cotton masses", "I don't know where the hell this is going to lead me!". Keep formulating shapes in your head and forget about being proper or right. Just be as honest to your real thoughts and emotions as you can, giving color, shape and form to your rush of thoughts.

There is only one thing to keep in mind---really, really listen to your thoughts. Make no attempt to edit, bawdlerise, censor, judge or chop off any of the thoughts you get. You are not going to direct or control them. For once let your uncensored mind do all the talking and let it flow!

Now, as you go on with the flow of your creative writing, be ready to pop up the proprioceptive question. When you are giving form to your vocal thoughts, often enough, you will have a particular word or phrase coming to you, that hits you and strongly affects you. Most likely, as an example, words with the most undefined emotional weight will pose as the element of most importance.

When your mind produces this questioning, feed its query and underline that word. Come back to it later when you get an instant rush of thoughts, you will want to vent out and come back to. Again, for example, if you have had something unsettled between you and your mother, then the word "mother" or something related to "mother", such as "nurturing" or "care" or "protection" might just strike a thought in your mind as it has been conditioned to be highly receptive.

After a rush of writing, you should tidy up your writing. Read over what you have written and what you want to say. Proofread your writing and what you want to say has been said in the correct light. Also, you will want to have someone else take a look at your work as you will become blind to the words you are reading.

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