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Article 101, Writing A Good Article Is Not Easy by Richard Sharp

When writing an article, there is no point in just writing in an aimless fassion. You have to write an in a way that is not only well written, but also informative, complete and accurate. Your article should cover the basics of who, what, when and where and it is these points that merge into a good article that people are sure to rely on or use as a reference.

There are many points that have to be kept in mind for writing a effective article. When these points are implemented, you are sure to end up with a good article pulling people towards your website. One major tip to writing effectively is to know the subject which you are writing about. This can be done by researching as much as possible through multiple web sites and media sources. Once you have collected sufficient material, you can set about writing a good content rich and well informed article.

If and when you aim at writing effectivly, you have to open the page of your article with a paragraph that covers the important points so that the reader can get an idea of what to expect in the article. Once the reader knows what can be found they will be more interested in reading,which should be the main aim of every writer.

There is no point in using copy and paste with the objective of writing a good article. You will only end up being charged with plagiarism. When writing a good well it is better that you comply with copyrights of all sources of your article. Make it a point to cite the sources when writing, with this, it not only gives credit where it is due, but also supports the research you had placed in the article.

If you intend to use links when within your article, you have to make sure that the links have the title, correct location and have to reach the top of the page than to the media file. So if you intend to link to an audio of a site, it has to be done only after you get permission from the site. If you think images provide good content for writing a good article, remember that too many images are not necessary in an article. These images may sometimes detract the reader from the information in the article. If you use images in the article, use images while having a correct and informative caption to them.

Running a spell check on the article is another important tip on writing a good article. This can be done by using a word processing program and then by taking a look at the preview page. With this, you can be sure if the article looks just the way you want it to look. Making sure that the article is written in such a way that it is easy to be understood is another important point in writing a good article. It is not that you have to write a first grade level, it just has to be written in a language where the reader need not refer a dictionary to understand it.

When writing a good article, you have to figure out a title that is related to the matter in the article. There is no point in having an article with a title that has no meaning to it. Having unrelated titles will only irritate the reader, who will not be interested in reading. Sometimes there may be a situation where the writer feels that he is not competent enough to write well. However, it is usually only by trying that it is possible for a person to become a good writer capable of writing a article.

About the Author

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