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Learn Mandolin Chords By Key

1. Chords in the key of C

2. Chords in the key of G 3. Chords in the key of F
4. Chords in the key of D 5. Chords in the key of Bb 6. Chords in the key of A
7. Chords in the key of Eb 8. Chords in the key of E 9. Chords in the key of Ab
10. Chords in the key of B 11. Chords in the key of F# 12. Chords in the key of Db

Mandolin Scales

Major Scales

Relative Minor Scales

C Major Scale

A Minor Pure A Harmonic Minor A Melodic Minor
G Major Scale E Minor Pure E Harmonic Minor E Melodic Minor
F Major Scale D Minor Pure D Harmonic Minor D Melodic Minor
D Major Scale B Minor Pure B Harmonic Minor B Melodic Minor
Bb Major Scale G Minor Pure G Harmonic Minor G Melodic Minor
A Major Scale F# Minor Pure F# Harmonic Minor F# Melodic Minor
Eb Major Scale C Minor Pure C Harmonic Minor C Melodic Minor
E Major Scale C# Minor Pure C# Harmonic Minor C# Melodic Minor
Ab Major Scale F Minor Pure F Harmonic Minor F Melodic Minor
B Major Scale G# Minor Pure G# Harmonic Minor G# Melodic Minor
F# Major Scale D# Minor Pure D# Harmonic Minor D# Melodic Minor
Db Major Scale Bb Minor Pure Bb Harmonic Minor Bb Melodic Minor

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