3 Finger Pattern Utilizing The Thumb, The Index and Middle Fingers ......... Pattern One

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Explanation: The pattern displayed above utilizes the thumb, the index and the middle fingers.  In the notated section, on the top, the letter P is used to indicate the use of the thumb, the letter I is used to indicate the use of the index finger and the letter M is used to indicate the use of the middle finger. The chord charts above them show the chords that are used in this exercise.  This is the first one of three patterns used to teach fingerstyle patterns that use the thumb, index and middle fingers.  After learning these, feel free to create and experiment with variations of your own.  Below the notation section is the tablature.  If you are unfamiliar with how guitar tablature works, CLICK HERE for an explanation.  This pattern has just a simple back and forth movement involving the three fingers.

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